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Combining Knowledge, Experience and ‘Feel’ 

Jane’s integrated bodywork addresses muscles, joints tendons and ligaments to remove tension and restriction in the musculoskeletal system, reduce asymmetry in the body’s structures, achieve postural correction, and enable soft tissue repair.

In practice, this includes positioning limbs and compressing joints, performing small moves over muscles, making ‘short lever’ moves into the spine, mobilising and articulating limbs, and using gentle and steady ‘holds’ on certain areas.

It is a quiet process and horses usually respond with deep relaxation, often lowering the head with small head twitches and eyelid flickers – this is the parasympathetic nervous system being activated (think of the ‘rest and repair’ mode, the opposite of ‘flight or flight’).

This happens because the bodywork works on a neuronal level, stimulating the nervous system to issue corrective signals that lead to the release of restricted tissue, while allowings joints to resettle into correct alignment.

Working on the cervicothoracic junction

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  • Equine Positional Release, a modality that achieves structural correction through a non-force method, derived from osteopathy (event coordinated by Jane). This is the gentle manipulation and mobilisation of all the joints of the body, including the spine, neck and pelvis, legs, shoulders and hips.  It helps to maintain nerve supply from the vertebral joints, improving blood supply and drainage from all tissues, reducing stiffness in the joints, and helping maintain flexibility.
  • Equine Body Articulation, an approach that achieves gentle manipulation and mobilisation of all the joints of the horse’s body, developed and taught by senior UK equine osteopath, Stuart McGregor, DO. (event coordinated by Jane).
  • Equine Touch, a gentle myofascial modality (Jane was also previously an instructor). This approach involves manually applying stimulation with a transverse soft tissue move at particular points in the muscular system.


  • Annual Equine Dissection Clinics, Equine Biomechanics and Bodywork Masterclass with Sharon May-Davis (event coordinated by Jane).
  • Veterinary Thermal Imaging with Vetel Diagnostics.
  • Saddle fitting with Graeme Aitkens, Master Saddle Fitter, of Aitkens Saddlery, Brisbane; Saddleworld proprietary training; introductory week with Master Saddler, Peter Horobin, Peter Horobin Saddlery, Melbourne.
  • Jane is also currently completing a PhD in an area of equine development (UNE and CSIRO), and regularly organises and attends workshops with leading professionals in her field. Her blog,, has been read by nearly 450,000 people worldwide.

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Talk about your horse – Contact Jane on 0447 672523 


Helping horses in Armidale, with visits to Tamworth
& Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

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