Balanced Horse – Bodywork for Your Injured Horse

When a Gentle Approach Works Best

When your horse is injured, nothing less than the best will do. After veterinary care, therapeutic bodywork comes high on the list of things to help your horse recover.

This is when a low-pressure remedial approach is most beneficial. Bodywork for recovery is about assisting the horse during healing of lameness, back and other issues. Gentle muscle work and non-force joint realignment will help to:

  • relieve tension,
  • reduce swelling,
  • improve circulation,
  • limit the effect of incorrect loading on joints,
  • decrease pain levels, and
  • promote relaxation.

You can also use bodywork and thermal imaging together. Thermal imaging can help you to monitor recovery by measuring inflammation, clearly showing when the injury is fully healed. You can then restart work, with bodywork and joint mobilisation helping to relieve any stresses caused by renewed activity.

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When injured, your horse changes movement patterns in an attempt to limit the damage. This means that other areas of the body must work harder than normal to compensate. This leads to secondary problems  caused by lateral imbalance, flexion issues, compromised gaits and other changes.

With solid experience and extensive knowledge gained from high level training and research, Jane will assess your horse for compensatory problems, as well as other current issues. She can also use her thermal imaging skills to provide more information about problems across the horse’s body.

Talk about your horse – call Jane on 0447 672523 


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