Equine Body Class

Have you ever wished you could check your horse over more thoroughly and accurately? If so, here is your opportunity! 

This superb online class with Dr Renee Tucker teaches you to evaluate pain and dysfunction using equine chiropractic methods. Once you can evaluate your horse correctly, you’ll know immediately when there’s a problem and, as importantly, where the problems are stemming from.

In her best-selling book, ‘Where Does My Horse Hurt?’, Dr. Tucker shares how she checks every horse each day in her practice.  Detailed with step-by-step, easy to follow directions, horse owners from around the world have discovered how to check their own horse for body (and behavior!) issues.

Now Dr Tucker has made the contents of this book available as an online class, which comes complete with her personal attention and ongoing availability.


10% Discount for The Horse’s Back Readers


With a 10% discount available via this blog, this great value course is the training that every horse owner should do. The course runs every 5-6 weeks, and closes once it’s full. You can register to receive an email when booking opens again.

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Learn to Check Your Horse Effectively with Equine Chiropractic Methods


How often do you feel concern about your horse’s body?  Do you ever worry that what you’re doing for your horse training and care-wise isn’t working?  How do you know?

What is the real cause of joint problems – and where has the problem really started? And is he really ‘one-sided’ at all?

What if your horse’s behavior problems aren’t ‘in his head’?  What if he doesn’t need more training?

So many questions! Once you’ve completed this training, you’ll be able to:

  • stop guessing,
  • stop asking everyone for advice, and
  • start paying professionals for consultations only when you need them.

What You Receive in Your Training Package


Every joint in the horse has specific ways of moving that should be pain-free.  Dr. Tucker shares how to find out if your horse is comfortable and able to move freely.

Short and to-the-point, Dr. Tucker’s Checkup videos explain anatomy, function and ‘how-to’ simply and easily.

As you learn to perform the Checkups, you’ll have the tools to find any problems.  Then you’ll know whether you need to call a vet or not.

You’ll also get to upload your videos (optional) of you doing the Checkups for feedback. Dr. Tucker encourages your work and makes suggestions with quick feedback. It’s the closest thing to having Dr. Tucker looking over your shoulder and helping you learn!

In the private Facebook group, Dr. Tucker answers more complex questions and gives you some ‘ninja’ secrets and live horse demos.

You’ll receive:

  • All 12 class modules,
  • Personalized Coaching by Dr. Tucker,
  • Unlimited number of videos you can upload for critique,
  • All module videos and Facebook group are accessible forever, and
  • Certification (if desired) due within seven months of joining.


10% Discount with The Horse’s Back

This course is already solid value at US$ 215. Now you can receive a 10% discount and pay only US$ 193.50.

Just enter the promotional code THBTENOFF when you pay to receive your discount.


To learn more and to book, click here.




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