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Equine WellnessEquine Wellness Magazine

Online discount: 47%

Equine Wellness is a well-respected and sought-after resource. Each issue highlights products and services that help give horses a longer and better quality of life. Inform yourself with leading edge information on integrative health, natural diet, supplements, natural horsemanship, complimentary therapies, barefoot hoof care and much more.
1 year / 6 Issues for $24.00 discount $17.70 (42%).
2 Years / 12 Issues for $44.00 – discount $39.40 (47%)




Online discount: 66%

In Equus, the world’s top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders and trainers advise you on how to understand and work with your horse. The wisdom in these pages could help you solve some of your toughest riding problems.
1 Year / 12 Issues for $19.95 –
discount $39.93 (66%)
2 Years / 24 Issues for $29.95 – discount $89.81 (74%)


Horse IllustratedHorse Illustrated

Online discount: 80%

Horse Illustrated helps you to care for your horse, with information about health, nutrition, behavior, breeding and equine training (Western and English) from top breeders and professionals in the field. Informative articles keep you in the saddle with the latest products and riding tips.
1 Year / 12 Issues for $11.00 –
discount $48.88 (81%)



Horse and RiderHorse & Rider

Online discount: 73%

Breeding, grooming, and training and lessons from world-class horsemen gives an insider’s view of western horseback riding. For all levels,  Horse & Rider provides you with essential exercises to enhance your riding skills and get you ready for events and competitions. Bright photographs and detailed, easy-to-follow training instructions and tips, plus action-packed stories and inspirational profiles of other riders.
1 Year / 12 Issues for $15.95 –
discount $43.93 (73%)



Practical HorsemanPractical Horseman

Online discount: 72%

This leading English riding magazine serves equestrians of all disciplines with how-to and training advice, as well as articles on horse grooming and health care. Practical Horseman also provides information about events and competitions and how to prepare for them.
1 Year / 12 Issues for $19.95 –
discount $51.93 (72%)
2 Years / 24 Issues for $29.95-
discount $113.81 (79%)



DressageTodayDressage Today

Online discount: 72%
When you can get your horse to execute complicated maneuvers with a tiny, imperceptible movement of your body, that’s an art and a skill that can take you to the Olympics. This magazine features profiles of the leading dressage riders, along with techniques, advice and inspiration from the experts.
1 Year / 12 issues for $19.95 –
discount $51.93 (72%)
2 Years / 24 Issues for $31.95 –
discount $111.81 (77%)CLICK FOR MORE INFO



Young RiderYoung Rider

Online discount: 49%

For young riders with a passion for horses and ponies, this publication includes breed profiles, riding hints, equine care tips, show etiquette, full-color posters and inspiring articles about young people and their horses.
1 Year / 6 Issues for $14.99 –
discount $14.95 (49%)




Western HorsemanWestern Horseman

Online discount: 41.88%

The leading magazine in its category, Western Horseman was founded in 1936 and has been called “The World’s Leading Horse Magazine” and “America’s Favorite Horse Magazine.” It’s rooted in the traditions and customs of western horsemanship, and seeks to accurately educate readers on the essential knowledge of owning, riding, and training horses. Every issue also delivers the latest in riding gear, plus colorful photography of charming ranches and beautiful breeds, and special interest stories.
1 Year / 12 Issues for $18.00 discount $41.88 (69%) 
2 Years / 24 Issues for $36.00
discount $83.76 (69%)




Integrative Veterinary CareIntegrative Veterinary Care Journal

Online discount: 20%

IVC Journal bridges the gap between the worlds of allopathic and holistic veterinary care. Integrative health is what many of today’s veterinary clients are asking for. IVC Journal discusses market trends in health treatments, new product features, industry news, leading modalities, nutrition education as well as Tech Talk, with a focus on keeping vet technicians on top of the alternatives and opportunities.
1 Year / 4 Issues for $24.00 discount $3.80 (13%)
2 Years / 8 Issues for $44.00
discount $11.60 (20%)



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